INERTEC - Selective Soldering Machines

Inertec Cube Inline

  Cubeinline 35X21 Cube Inline
   Inertec Cube460 35X28 CUBE.460
   Els 33 Batch ELS 3.3 Batch
 Els 33 Inline Inertec Loddemaskine 79X40 ELS 3.3 Inline
 Emls 3235 Inertec Loddemaskine 79X40 EMLS 3235

Inertec's product line includes selective soldering both batch as well as in-line machines. They also offer a ‘stamp’ machine if you have very special demands or need high throughput. The Inertec machines can be equipped with standard nozzles as well as Miniwaves with very good control of the wave - up to 4 different waves or 4 in parallel for panels.