TAKAYA - In-circuit Test without Fixture (Flying Probe)

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Takaya Apt 1400F Ikon 35X21


The APT-1400F is the 8th generation of Takaya Flying Probe Test systems and can be equipped for almost any thinkable test application. The machine is built for the same high quality, robustness and long-term stability as earlier models - but for a market being more demanding, requiring even more speed and accuracy.

The APT-1400F is more than 30% faster than the previous generation and comes with next generation measurement systems and software platform. Takaya Flying Probe test can increase your test coverage with precise diagnostics at a price of less than 0.2 Eurocent per test (10 tests/sec, 1.000 hours/year, 5 years is only 4 € per board with 2000 test steps).