Flexible 2D/3D X-Ray Inspection of Single-sided and Double-sided PCBs in the Production Line

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7 November 2017, 17.00 CET

David Whetstone, GÖPEL electronics LLC, USA

A Look at the Technology in Practice - Fully Automatic Inspection of Hidden Solder Joints and Voids



The webinar will be introduced by a comparing selective-area and full surface X-ray inspection. The advantages and disadvantages of these strategies are presented, and a technical and economic comparison is explained. In addition, you will get more information about methods and technologies for the inspection of hidden solder joints of BGAs, QFNs, hidden components and voiding in large solder planes. Learn more about the flexible use of 2D, 2.5D and 3D X-Ray imaging for maximum depth of inspection, and gain an understanding of what scalable 3D image is capable of. The webinar will conclude with an explanation of the optimum balance between image quality and inspection depth.

The following questions will be answered during the webinar:

How can I improve inspection depth and confidence in the quality of my PCBs?

How can X-ray technologies provide complete inspection at production speeds while simultaneously documenting detailed inspection results?

Can X-ray inspection technologies keep pace with the requirements of state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing?

How will an X-ray inspection system be integrated into the world of industry 4.0?